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  How to Measure Your Dress Size


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How to Measure Your Dress Size

We strongly recommend having your measurements taken by a professional seamstress. If you cannot get a professional seamstress to take the measurements, please have someone besides you take your measurements.  Measurements should be taken in the undergarment you plan to wear with your gownThese measurements are taken to determine the closest size to be ordered. The bridal gown or bridesmaid dress is not custom made to exact measurements. If your measurements indicate one size for the "bust" and a different size for the "waist and/or hips", we suggest ordering according to the largest measurement. Gowns and dresses can easily be taken in if they are too large.  Please consider that even with accurate measurements, you may still need to alter the dress.  Remember, you’re able to take the dress a size down, but not a size up.   Also, don't make assumptions on your dress size! It is imperative that you take down your measurements, and do not select the same size you would normally wear for a top or another dress. All dresses are manufactured differently, therefore some might run small or large. Choosing a size that is based on your measurements will be a more better accurate fitting dress.

Bust Measurement

Measure the bust line at the fullest part of your chest. Stand naturally with your heels together. Let your arms rest by the side of your body. Position the tape so it covers the widest part of the back and the fullest part of your chest. Keep a thumb in the inside of the tape.


Waist Measurement

Waist- Bring the tape 1 inch above your belly button. Measure around the most narrowest part of your body. Your waist is measured where the measuring tape is sitting. Be sure not to suck in your stomach, and leave one finger under the tape so that you are able to breathe in your dress. Do not pull the tape tight.

Hips Measurement

Stand naturally with your heels together in a relaxed posture. If you are measuring for a sheath dress, position the tape around the fullest part of your bottom. If you are measuring for an A-line dress, position the tape around the fullest part of your hip. Leave a little room by keeping a thumb on the inside of the tape. Do not pull the tape tight. The tips of your fingers should be about where the fullest part of your hips is.

Hollow-to-Hem Measurement

Hollow-to-hem is a specific length measurement used for bridal gowns only. Some designers offer the option to have a gown cut to a particular length for certain bridal gown designs. This is a difficult measurement to take. Fortunately, it is not needed for bridesmaid dresses, and only needed for a few bridal gowns. If the bridal gown you are ordering requires this measurement, we strongly recommend using a professional seamstress experienced with bridal gowns.


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