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  Tuxedo Rental

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Important Fitting & Finishing Tips

You can count on Beauty Mark to ensure that your tuxedo fits properly before you leave our store. However, here are the answers to some fitting questions we commonly receive:


Button Your Jacket!
During a fitting, make sure you button your jacket. If it produces an hour glass shape, the coat may be too tight. If it looks 'boxy,' it may be too big. No matter whether you are slim, stocky or muscular, a properly fitted jacket will taper slightly at the waist.

Pay Attention To Your Shoulders...
The shoulder padding of your tuxedo jacket should not extend beyond the tip of your shoulders and hang down your arm. If so, your jacket is too big! Conversely, if a significant crease or roll appears below the jacket collar in back, your jacket may be too small.

How Many Buttons Should be Buttoned?
You should never button all of the buttons on your tuxedo coat! As a general rule, you should leave the bottom button undone. This rule applies if you are wearing a two, three, four or five button coat. If you're wearing a one button style, however, you should button the one button!


The Pant Leg Should Break Where?
The perfect length pant leg breaks slightly on top of the shoe and angles a bit downward.  To properly judge the fit of your trousers, you should wear your formal shoes when trying on your pants.

Your Trousers' Waistband...
Our formal trousers come with an adjustable waist band of three inches. Fear not, your pants won't be too tight! With the adjustable waist band, you'll have some flexibility and a comfortable fit. On a properly fitted pair of formal trousers, the waistband should be even with the gentleman's navel.


How Much Shirt Sleeve Should We See Under the Coat?
Shirt sleeves should extend one quarter to one half inch beyond the jacket's sleeves.

A Properly Fitted Collar...
A formal shirt collar should wrap smoothly around the neck. If you can slip more than one finger between the collar and your neck, your shirt is too big. If no fingers fit, your shirt is too small.

Do The Wing Tips Go On Top or Behind?
The tips or flaps on a wing collar shirt should sit BEHIND your bow tie; not on top of it.


Rules for the Bottom Button of a Fullback Vest....
If your vest is a six button fullback vest, it is OK to unbutton the bottom button. This also keeps the vest from bunching when you sit down. If the vest has five or less buttons, all buttons should remain buttoned.

Cover Up Your Waistband with your Cummerbund or Vest...
Both cummerbunds and vests should cover the top waistband of your formal trousers when worn properly.

Fullback Vests Just Look Better...
If you think you may remove your tuxedo jacket during the reception, opt for a full-back vest. It's a much cleaner, well-dressed look when your coat is off.

When To Wear Suspenders...
You may wear suspenders with a cummerbund. However, you should not wear suspenders with a vest unless you desperately need them to help keep your pants up!

The Pleats Face Up On Your Cummerbund...
Cummerbunds are worn with the pleats facing up. It's said they are worn that way to hold your opera tickets and catch any crumbs that fall in your lap!


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